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Otherwise, the right truck will have a different color. I'm not going to provide more details on this. There are guides on Steam exclusively dedicated to tagging the right truck, so you can look up one of those if you feel confused now. Some people like to rush this right away while others prefer to try and stealth "as long as possible". Either way, this shouldn't take more than a few minutes with at least 2 players, especially if you're not playing Death Wish, because hacking a machine only takes 30 seconds and you can hack as many of them simultaneously as you can find.

Note that crates can spawn pretty much anywhere inside the compound, including the whole warehouse except for the upstairs areas on the left and right side that can have the cam operator as well as the yard even inside the trucks sometimes. When rushing, all you have to do is open crates, start the hacking process on the machine if there is one inside them, and wait at the van after you started hacking the 6th voting machine. If you're playing Death Wish, try to get crowbars before starting your ECM chain, with everyone else in position to charge in. Ideally, you have 1 player for the whole upstairs left hall, upstairs right hall, ground floor left hall and ground floor right hall, respectively.

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Outside is usually checked before and the middle hall both floors by players who are done with the area they were supposed to check. If you are not rushing right away, use the spiral staircase as well as the warehouse ladder to access the upper floor on both sides, take out the cam operator and search for crowbars and keycards. The only other area that can have keycards is the right ground floor area the locker room and the one that looks sort of like a reception desk , so if you have a 3rd player, he should probably enter there unless he's afking at the van.

Crowbars are exclusive to Death Wish.

What is ECM?

During our runs, we were able to verify 23 different spawn locations, and it seems like 5 of them will have a crowbar most of the time. On a few occasions, however, we found 6. This list might not be complete but it's very close. If you do know about a location we missed, feel free to comment and we'll mention you in the credits if desired. It would be nice if you could provide a screenshot showing the crowbar actually being in that spot, though, especially if it's one of these [imgur. Outside 5 Locations.

There are 12 possible keycard locations, but only 3 will spawn every time the level is re started. Neither the locations nor the amount include the asset which will appear at the van. Van - The Asset duped by everyone and their mom. The crates on day 2 don't have to be closed - it's neither an objective nor do guards care about open crates unless the vote rigging hack is in progress. This means you can ignore them after starting the hack during an ECM rush.

Crowbars only spawn on Death Wish and crates can be opened without them on Overkill and below. If you're not rushing, it's worth knowing that the additional guard spawning on the street appears after you take out 3 guards, and also that this does, in fact, include the 2 pagerless guards who patrol outside. You can ignore keycards entirely if someone on your team brings a Saw.

Takku Guide entirely written by me. Most screenshots were also taken by me. Ginsey Quite a lot of screenshots were taken by Ginsey, though. Nice guide.

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Made such about bomb heist thats stealthable. General Noob 18 May, am. I doubt you can influence guard waypoints at all except for drills and breaking cams when not playing DW , they seem pretty much rng like a lot of things in the game.

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I believe you that it might seem like that sometimes but yeah, I don't think it's a rule. When I'm not rushing I just check if a guard is somewhat close or about to come closer, start hacking and proceed to look for the next machine. It works a lot more often than it does not, just takes some experience. And if a guard does spot it, he's either dealt with or the ECM chain starts General Noob 6 May, pm.

So my advice for day 2 is: hack one machine at a time, except there are 2 machines next to each other. Start the hack and stick around the machine that is about to be hacked. If they come close, it's usually towards the end of the hacking, but since you don't have to close any boxes, you then can just walk away. Prinny 4 May, pm. Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. All rights reserved.

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